The CFCC Partner Portal is no longer active

We are currently working on a better solution to engage our partners. Partners will be informed of any updates.

For available resources, please visit the CFCC website.

If you are staff at a Good Food Organization, please reach out to to request any additional resources or support you need.

If you are a Community Food Centre, please reach out to



as a good food organization, you'll have access to


Toolkits, manuals, videos and other tools


Customized online training sessions and an annual conference


Funding streams that support programs and capacity-building


Alliance with a network of organizations doing progressive community food work

we are looking for organizations that

  • Are already offering (or striving to offer) community food security programs
  • Are commited to working towards a healthy and fair food system
  • Are commited to making an impact in the areas of health, social justice and sustainable food systems
  • Are able to secure internal support in signing on to the Good Food Principles and can provide a letter of community support

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